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FTTH access network, internet capacity growth, railway or military network, DTT, assistance in the development of uses and services, expertise, assistance to project owners and project management... Since 2000, Setics has specialized in the digital development of the territory, in France and internationally. Setics thus benefits from a total independency from companies, banks and industrial groups.

As an expert in large-scale FTTx infrastructure engineering, the quality of our services is widely recognized by all our clients and partners:

We support the contracting authority (local authorities, critical networks...): consulting and engineering with high added value, strategy development, techno-economic analysis, operational technical support...

We offer a broad spectrum of interventions aimed at the players involved in the digital development of the territory: analysis and accompaniment of the digital uses and services, versatile and technical monitoring, asset expertise, impact study...

Working within specialized teams, our telecom engineers rely on innovative methodologies and tools designed by Setics, including the FTTx network design and optimization software: Setics Sttar.

Thanks to the experience of its teams composed of telecom engineers coming from prestigious schools (Télécom SudParis, Télécom ParisTech ...) and close to the field, Setics is recognized for its excellence and long-term partnerships, including FTTH.

Our jobs

Designing networks and piloting the deployment of THD networks

  • Conduct general studies
  • Designing upstream studies
  • Write preliminary technical studies
  • Conduct summary pre-projects (PSAs) and detailed pre-projects (PDAs)
  • Develop engineering designs and execution studies

Digital development of territories

  • Writing strategic studies at the service of communities (master plans such as SLAN, SDTAN and SCORAN ...)
  • Carry out strategic schemes in terms of digital uses and services and smart territories (Development scheme of digital uses and services, SDTAN's "Uses and Services" section)

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