Engineering and Consulting Excellence

Since 2000, Setics has been one of the leading independent firms specializing in the design and management of very high speed network projects as well as in the digital development of territories, in France and abroad.

We offer a wide range of legal, financial and technical services to ensure that our clients can successfully complete their digital development projects. 

Our main clients

In France and abroad, Setics supports a wide range of public and private actors: local authorities, critical infrastructure operators, telecommunications operators, governmental and financial institutions, network planners and builders...

Working within teams dedicated to a project, our telecom engineers rely on innovative methodologies and tools designed by Setics.

It was in this context that the Setics Sttar software was born, which for 8 years has been used by Setics engineers on FTTH missions and has been marketed independently of consulting since 2012.

Setics has designed the Setics Sttar tool to help operators, network builders and local authorities make the right decisions when developing their digital infrastructure projects without overly mobilizing their design teams.

With Setics Sttar, our clients are able to carry out precise, high quality and detailed studies in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost:

  • Detailed opportunity analyses: calculation of key indicators to assess the relevance of an FTTH deployment, without implementing a detailed preliminary design study.
  • Creation of precise and reliable engineering schematics: tracing, sizing, costing of network deployment costs.
  • Multi scenarios analysis: optimisation of the implementation of NRO or PM (fibre concentration points) and of support infrastructures for the optical network.

The use of Sttar translates into significant gains and a rapid return on investment in the design phases and substantial savings in the network construction phases.

Discover our methods and softwares.

Network design and management of broadband network deployment - we:

  • Carry out preliminary studies, high level and low level design studies, and project management

  • Control of execution studies

  • Support and supervise the construction work 
  • Carry out reception operations 
  • Produce documents of executed works

Digital development of territories - we:

  • Elaborate strategic studies for local authorities (guidelines such as SLAN, SDTAN and SCORAN...)

  • Intervene in the contracting process of the project 

  • Develop strategic plans for the uses and services of digital and intelligent territories (Open labs, telemedicine, e-administration...)
  • Prepare and assist the call for competition (procedures, negotiations...)
  • Produce the submission file for funding application (FSN, FEDER, Programme Investments...)
  • Carry out technical and economic studies for major institutions (ARCEP, Mission THD, Caisse des Dépôts, international regulatory authorities)

Our methods and tools

Our telecom engineers rely on innovative methodologies and tools developed by Setics and adapted to the problems of each of our customers (operators, network builders and local authorities). 
It is within this context that the Setics Sttar software was born, used for nearly 10 years by Setics engineers and marketed independently of consulting since 2012. This tool offers both our teams and customers the possibility of carrying out precise and detailed studies at the lowest cost within a very short time frame.

Leading software for planning and optimizing an FTTx network, Setics Sttar offers the following services thanks to its many features: 

  • Design of precise and reliable engineering plans 
  • Optimization of the network path and architecture 
  • Financial estimation of the costs of network deployment and use 
  • Evaluation of multiple scenarios taking into account different parameters 
  • Reduction in the time and cost of studies carried out