Our trainings

Accredited training organization (number 11 75 51956 75), Setics offers various services to transmit and/or deepen professional skills related to digital spatial planning and the conceptualization of the FTTx network.

These inter or intra-company trainings are carried out on request. A quotation can be made by simply contacting 01 45 89 74 93 or by email at formation@setics.com.

We offer three training courses:

"Digital Spatial Planning" (ANT) is an introduction to the challenges and contents of digital spatial planning. It is intended for any actor intervening on projects related to this subject. This training is carried out in partnership with Cogicom

1 day, 5 to 8 participants per session - read more...
"Setics Sttar Getting Started" train for the use of the network design software FTTx Setics Sttar. The course is based on the study of practical case studies and the execution of collective exercises. It can, optionally, take as a practical case a project brought by the customer.

2 days, 2 to 5 participants per session  - read more...
"APS Project Management" upgrades to support APS-type projects and studies for FTTx deployments. It is based on practical case studies related to the Setics Sttar software and allows us to better understand the profound changes that can be made by using this type of software.

1 day, 2 to 5 participants per session