Our other tools

Our teams rely on innovative software developed by Setics, according to the needs of the field and of our clients. Among these complementary tools, we can mention :

  • FiberState: software for managing technical network receipts and for monitoring and controlling FTTH rollouts

  • GraceTHD Check: GraceTHD format control tool, adaptable to all phases of a project and taking into account the specificities of each client

  • AGLAE: tool for converting the GraceTHD model into the Setics Sttar model 

  • Majic +: tool for identifying and locating FTTH outlets from MAJIC data and the land register

  • SynopTic: creation of box, bay and optical route plans from GraceTHD or Setics Sttar data

  • Cartographic, GIS and project management tools: these tools guarantee our clients long-term support on a range of technical, engineering and cartographic aspects

We also have the material resources to carry out audits, final acceptances, field visits and site monitoring. Our workers are equipped with personal protective equipment to guarantee their safety and that of road users, as well as reflectometric measuring tools and various optical equipment.