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Finding the optimal route of a fibre-optic network is a complex task that requires the mobilization of specialized and multidisciplinary teams and the consideration of numerous engineering parameters and data of varying quality.

Simulation of several scenarios is virtually impossible to achieve due to the cost and time involved. This leads to often non-optimal choices, usually resulting in a consequent waste of time and poor quality results.

With this in mind, Setics has developed Setics Sttar, a network planning and optimisation software, designed to carry out precise, detailed and high-quality studies within a very short time frame. This software ensures an efficient and realistic result, in line with the evolution of network architecture and design.

Setics Sttar is used by strategic players in electronic communications, such as Orange, SFR, Axione and Covage. It is compatible with the classic GIS formats and in particular with the GRACE THD format.

Areas of intervention of Setics STTAR

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