The internship, « a springboard to the future. »

Setics presents its business lines and missions at forums and events specialising in the network and telecoms sector, and our company attracts many interns every year. We pay particular attention to the selection of our candidates, to whom we propose interesting study projects and/or immersion internships to discover the consulting profession.

Web Marketing Assistant for the Software

Integrated in the Marketing and Sales Department of the Software Department, the internship allows you to participate in the international deployment of a service + software offer. It includes both participation in marketing and sales activities.

Your main missions:

>> Develop a web marketing plan to reach international targets
>> Define the tools needed for the planned web marketing actions
>> Combine traditional and online activities to generate sales leads
>> Carry out direct contact actions on specific targets 
>> Participate in international prospecting activities

Knowledge of the technical telecom environment is not necessary.
Training courses will be provided at the beginning of the course to understand the domain.

Profile required:

>> Very good oral and written English (TOEFL > 90 or equivalent preferred)
>> Good knowledge of web-marketing tools
>> Notion of HTML language is preferred
>> Oral fluency and good writing skills


Business plan of a telecom operator

Your main missions:

>> Architecture of telecom networks
>> Technical and economic modeling (Investment and operating costs related to the implementation of a telecom network; operator tariff grids (public and professional customers) for the deployment and operation of a telecom network.
>> Awareness of the market for operator services
>> Discover of accounting and financial issues related to the deployment of a telecom network.


Elaboration of a cost estimation framework for telecom projects

Your main missions:

>> Consolidation of technical and economic data on the construction, operation and maintenance of telecom networks acquired by Setics during its missions
>> Structuration of the information obtained in a knowledge base
>> Production of a cost estimation manual and a set of business plans for standard projects


Referencing and analysis of telecoms networks of public initiative

Your main missions:

>> Set up of the execution of a public initiative network
>> Activity analysis and identification of existing and future projects
>> Market analysis, economic valuation of projects
>> Discovery of public contracts, contractual arrangements between a local authority and an operator with a view to building and operating a telecom network
>> Getting to know the network establishment modalities


Send us your application (letter of motivation and CV) by e-mail to Claire BLAIN, our Recruitment Manager:

Our internship policy is aimed at pre-employment of our future consultants.