Setics data mining software (datamining)

The acquisition and processing of quality cartographic data (including site location) is a strategic issue for all FTTx engineering work.

Aware of this challenge, Setics has developed a unique know-how for:

  • Gathering data from different formats and quality levels
  • Detecting data biases to improve FTTx plug location

Our MAJIC+ datamining software is designed to handle large volumes of data, while facilitating and optimizing the processing of this information by engineers.

Currently used on behalf of various local authorities or structures, MAJIC+ processes data on the departments of Oise, Aisne, Jura, Orne, Seine Maritime and Saône-et-Loire. In case of queries, Setics will answer any questions related to the data anonymization process.

Fields of intervention of MAJIC+

MAJIC+ and the associated services are intended for operators, consultancy firms and installers. This software is compatible with the GRACE THD format.


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