Commitments to social inclusion and respect for the environment

For our consultants, partners and customers, Setics' success is based on its strong corporate culture and its core values of technical excellence and independence.

Setics places long-term recruitment at the heart of its growth strategy. Setics presents its business lines and missions at forums and event specialising in the network and telecoms sector, and our company integrates many interns and employees every year.

We pay particular attention to the selection of our candidates, to whom we propose adapted projects and/or immersion internships to discover the consulting profession, in a long-term integration perspective (CDI).

Our social and environmental policy

Aware of the importance of sustainable development and social progress, our approach has for many years been characterized by strong environmental and social commitments.

Environmental commitments

  • Our diagnoses are carried out according to sustainable environmental criteria (economical management of resources, cultural identity, risk assessment...
  • Our energy, water and paper consumption are optimised (printing in black and white and double-sided except for special needs, use of paper labelled FSC - Forest Support Council, waste recycling...)
  • We limit our carbon footprint by using public transport (local offices located on an exchange node) and by offering a conference call or videoconferencing service.

Social commitments 

In order to combat discrimination and promote diversity, we recruit our employees solely on the basis of their professional skills and ensure that each employee's career development is carried out without any discrimination related to:

  • Gender, morals, sexual orientation or family status
  • His or her (real or presumed) affiliation to an ethnic group, nation or race, family name, place of residence, genetic characteristics, geographical origin
  • Political opinions, trade union activities, religious convictions
  • Age, physical appearance, state of health or disability (except for incapacity established by the doctor)

Our commitments through PM' up

Since 2008, the PM' up network has been promoting the potential of the Paris Region's economic ecosystem. This support is provided through a network of several hundred SMEs and SMIs with high potential - including Setics since 2014. PM' up supports the structuring projects of innovative, dynamic and responsible companies in order to accelerate their local development. This support, carried out over three years, includes strong contractual commitments in terms of strategy and responsibility.

Responsible commitments PM' up 

  • Implement a responsible action plan in the following areas: environment, local life, employment and social integration.
  • Respecting solidarity-based and sustainable values: supporting the recruitment of senior citizens or vulnerable groups; using integration structures through economic activity; supporting certification procedures designed to reduce the company's ecological footprint...