Our ecosystem

A network of experts...

As part of its project management assistance missions, Setics is used to form multidisciplinary groups in order to offer tailor-made services. Our main partners are leading firms, which have developed a real expertise in sectors involving the public and private sectors (DSP, preparation and accompaniment of proceedings, complex public contracts law, PPP...), civil engineering and telecommunications (management of networks, operational acceptance of works, surveys...).

Setics is also a major player in many nationally recognized telecom associations and federations. We are committed to the quality of our services, which is certified by various labels that have been awarded to us.


Telecommunications Associations and Federations

FTTH Council : European association to accelerate the availability of ultra-high-speed fibre optic access networks for the benefit of consumers and businesses.


INFRANUM : Since June 2016, Setics has been a member of Infranum (formerly FIRIP). This federation aims to support the public authorities in the deployment of high speed broadband networks in France.


BREKO Since its creation in 1999, the German Broadband Association (BREKO) has represented the majority of alternative broadband network operators in Germany.


GCANT Groupement des Conseils en Aménagement Numérique du Territoire, of which Richard Toper, CEO of Setics is Vice President. It aims to promote the profession of consulting, the development of the sector and its appropriation by territorial public actors.


Télécom SudParis : Télécom SudParis, created in 1979, is a Grande Ecole of the Institut Mines-Télécom. Richard Toper, CEO of Setics, is a member of the Board of Telecom Sud Paris.


CREDO Circle : Reflection and study circle for the development of optics. It aims to enhance the role and use of fibre optic technology. Richard Toper, PDF of Setics, is Vice President.


IREST : Institute for Economic and Social Research on Telecommunications, whose objective is to bring together actors of various sensitivities to discuss current issues. Richard Toper, CEO of Setics, is the Vice President.


Forum ATENA : Association for the convergence of digital, business and higher education. Richard Toper, CEO of Setics, is President of the Very High Speed Workshop.



Our main Labels

Setics' commitments to quality workmanship and digital development have also been certified:

PM'up  Setics is the winner of the PM' up 2014 programme, a programme to support SMEs in the context of harmonious regional growth.


EIP  : "Innovative Company of the Poles" is a label whose objective is to improve the visibility of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with strong potential for growth and innovation.