The USEDA project 

For more than 15 years, the Aisne department has been fully committed to the digital development of its territory in order to contribute to the attractiveness as well as the demographic and economic dynamism of the department. Today, this commitment is characterized by the deployment of a public THD initiative network addressing approximately 210,000 connections spread over more than 750 municipalities. In 2014, the Aisne department entrusted the construction and the management of the deployment of this network to the USEDA – Union des Secteurs d'Energie du Département de l'Aisne.

Setics has been involved for more than 10 years in the digital development projects of the Aisne department. It was in charge of establishing and updating the departmental digital development master plan (SDAN) before assisting the USEDA in the design of the THD electronic communications network.

Since 2015, Setics has been acting as a project management assistant to the USEDA and carries out strategic, technical, economic and regulatory missions, namely:

  • Engineering studies (architecture, layout, dimensioning, cost forecasting, division of the territory into zones, etc.) and monitoring of the deployment of the 210,000 socket network

  • Monitoring and support for the production of studies (control and validation of APS / APD studies, carrying out PRO studies, etc.)

  • Assistance with acceptance operations (on-site acceptance operations, removal of reservations, on-site inspections, etc.)

  • Assistance in the framework of the execution control of the departmental THD public service delegation

  • Assistance in obtaining third-party funding, in particular under the France Très Haut Débit Plan