Our services for public actors 

We accompany digital projects in total independence

Setics designs FTTH public initiative telecoms networks, oversees their project management and supports them in their digital evolutions towards an "intelligent territory".

Our expertise includes the technical aspects of the deployment of infrastructures and networks, as well as the strategic consideration of digital uses and services.

Setics is involved in the most advanced FTTX projects in France, now successfully launching the commercialization stage (more than 60% of take-up rate in marketed areas).

These positive results were obtained in collaboration with our customers and thanks to the enthusiasm of the inhabitants:

  • A pragmatic consideration of local and national ecosystems

  • An optimized infrastructure

  • A successful commercialization launch

On the strength of these results, Setics works throughout the whole French territory. Among our most advanced projects, we have the networks of Oise THD and Perigord Numérique

In the context of the work carried out for local authorities, Setics uses its software MAJIC + for the addressing in the departments of Oise, Aisne, Jura, Orne, Seine Maritime and Saône-et-Loire. In case of interrogation on the management of this data, Setics provides a synthetic description of the process and a contact address.

Public authorities 

  • Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC): regulatory and legislative monitoring at a European level, to bring a clear picture of the ongoing decisions and the possible levers of action

  • ARCEP: development of tools for the techno-economic simulation of access networks (FTTH and local loops)

  • The “Mission Très Haut Débit”, the “Commissariat Général à l'Investissement”, the DGCIS: analysis of the implementation conditions for an operation and commercialization