Our services for private actors 

Local or national operators

Setics has developed a great expertise in the design and management of FTTH networks, both through its experience and through the development of digital tools such as Setics Sttar.

We put these skills, as well as our software, at the service of local or national operators within the framework of:

  • Project management assistance
  • Software licenses (network design via Setics Sttar, data mining via MAJIC + ...)
  • Specialized training courses: introduction to Digital Territory Management, getting started with Setics Sttar Software...

Infrastructure and critical Network Managers

Setics is involved in the design, deployment, exploitation and maintenance of networks of critical importance - railway and military fiber optic and radio installations, etc.

  • Implementation of the acceleration strategy of the Fiber Optic Plan
  • Project management for the deployment of controlled optical fibers
  • Deployment monitoring of a Border Surveillance System for African Countries

Our missions in Africa

Broadband has become an essential need to lead a competitive economy and to integrate citizens and organizations in the digital world. In this context, while the African continent comprises a large number of advanced countries in terms of wired connectivity, many territories see their digital exchanges centered on mobile uses.

Aware of these specificities, Setics accompanies a growing number of projects, adapting to the needs of each country and region:

  • Deployment of digital networks: assistance to the realization of optical loops, facilitation of access to terminals, coordination with other infrastructures (energy, roads)... 
  • Advice in terms of technological mix: wireless network (4G license or point-to-multipoint solution), wired network (copper local loop, Fttx network)...
  • Software sales and support (Setics Sttar)
  • Legal and economic project building: subvention, public-private partnership, requirements specification...

Among our references, we have projects such as the implementation of the reorganized sub distributors of Morocco, the sale and support of Sttar licenses for Orange-Côte-d’Ivoire and the conception and report of Botswana’s national broadband.
Reorganization of Morocco’s sub distributors
Setics counseled IAM, the morrocan historical operator to set up the wholesale offer for its local sub-loop’s access :
Audit for the installation of access nodes
Analysis of technical solutions (international benchmarks, technical solutions...)
- Work processes suggestion


Sale and support of Sttar licenses for Orange-Côte-d’Ivoire
Orange-Côte-d’Ivoire now uses Setics Sttar, the software developed in-house by Setics to conceive their FTTH networks. After an intensive training for Orange’s teams and the transfer of the business licenses, Setics now ensures the maintenance and the technical assistance for Orange-Côte-d’Ivoire.


Stratégie Nationale Haut Débit Botswana
Setics oversaw the Ministry of communication and the Botswana regulation authority (BOCRA) to conceive the country’s broadband strategy, from assessment to implementation for the less populated areas.
- Assessment of the actual electronic communication means
- Analysis of response scenarios
- Conception of the national strategy and development policy definition


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