Périgord Numérique

Since 2008, Setics has been working unreservedly with Perigord actors in the digital development of their territory. After having assisted the department in defining and implementing the speed increase of its existing network, Setics is now supporting the "Syndicat Mixte Périgord Numérique" in the deployment of Ultrafast Broadband.

This ambitious project is characterized by: 

  • Major challenges: building up a patrimony in the service of the territory, reducing the digital divide, consolidating and anchoring the Périgord way of life 
  • Major issues: ensuring the use and marketing of the network, guaranteeing long-term financing, connecting priority sites 
  • Priorities: certifying the rise of High Speed broadband Internet access for all, responding quickly to immediate needs 

Key elements:

  • RIP FttH
  • End of project by 2030
  • 710 million € of investment
  • 56.84 million € raised in 2016 through the FSN
  • Coverage of the whole territory
  • 1,200 km of optical collection network
  • 400 priority sites
  • 63,000 FttH homes passed



Setics has already been involved in numerous strategic, economic, technical and regulatory missions within this major project, such as: 

  • Update of the SDTAN 
  • Analysis of porting and organization solutions 
  • Technical support for the constitution of the Syndicat Mixte Périgord Numérique 
  • Realization of the engineering design corresponding to the guidelines imposed by the "Mission France Très Haut Débit" 
  • Preparation of the subsidy application file for the "Fonds national pour la Société Numérique" and support throughout the process 
  • Preparation of consultation files for the first operations of the network deployment 
  • Operational support during the construction work