Périgord Numérique

Since 2008, Setics has been supporting the Perigourdin players in the digital development of their territory: design of the SDTAN, analysis of porting and organisation solutions, technical support, operational support for the construction, resorption of white areas, preparation of the files for the subventions from FSN...

Périgord Numérique is currently in the deployment phase along 4 axes:

  1. Continuation of NRA-ZO fibre projects
  2. Broadband upgrade
  3. Fiber for zones of economic activity and businesses
  4. Deployment of the first FTTH plates

The calendar

2005 – 2013 : Coverage of shadow zones (ADSL) and launch of the MED
2014 : Adoption of the current version of the SDTAN and creation of the SMPN
2015 : Beginning of the deployment phase and agreement in the AMII zone
2017 : Continuation of the deployment phase

RIP THD Périgord Numérique

The stakes

>> Building a heritage for the benefit of the territory
>> Bridging the digital divide
>> Comforting and anchoring the perigordine lifestyle

Major issues

>> Ensure the use and marketing of the network
>> Ensure financing over time
>> Connect priority sites

The priorities

>> Ensure the broadband upgrade of the territory
>> Respond quickly to immediate needs

Key elements:

>> RIP FttH
>> End of project by 2030
>> 710 million € of investment
>> 56.84 million € raised in 2016 through the FSN
>> Coverage of the whole territory
>> 1,200 km of optical collection network
>> 400 priority sites
>> 63,000 FttH homes passed