The Oise THD project

As part of the “Oise THD" programme, Setics has been supporting the Conseil Général de l' Oise in the digital development of its territory since 2005. In 2013, the "Syndicat Mixte de l' Oise pour le Très Haut Débit" (Oise THD) has been created to ensure the construction of the new generation high speed broadband network, covering 100% of the area to provide FTTH by 2022.

>> This Public Initiative Network (PIN) is based exclusively on optical fibre
>> The entire territory outside the AMII zones is concerned, i. e. 278,500 homes passed covering the largest department of France
>> For a territorial digital equality, sectors with narrow bandwidth service are a priority

This ground-breaking project aims to build one of the world's first major extra-urban FTTH networks.

Setics intervenes as a project manager assistant for Oise THD, as well as as an internalised project manager, within the framework of strategic, economic, technical and regulatory missions such as:

>> Preparatory phases of the Oise THD project: analysis of porting solutions and network organisation, obtaining third party financing, accompaniment of the construction market and competitive dialogues...
>> Global engineering and project management of the network: preliminary engineering studies, monitoring and control of services carried out by the contractor...
>> Coordination of the actors and management of the procedures: legal and financial assistance, management of the 1st generation RIP holder's delegation, communication to third parties, collection of information...
>> Follow-up of works, network receipts...

This network is in the deployment and commercialization phase, becoming one of the most advanced RIPs in France. Thus, in May 2016 were already recorded:

  • 75,000 connectable homes passed
  • 29,000 marketed homes passed
  • 6,400 homes passed

With an increased ambition of 30,000 homes passed/year, the entire network will be deployed in 7 years instead of the 10 years initially planned.