Digital Uses and Services

From Smart Cities to Intelligent Territories

Smartphone, tablet, computer, watch, bezel, "smartgrid" sensors... Setics has been accompanying the digital development actors for nearly 20 years. We have more than 300 references in France and abroad, from one-shot missions to personalized support.


Digital uses are diversifying and becoming widespread, affecting both urban and rural areas



Setics accompanies you in every step of the dematerialization of your services...

>> Dematerialization of data: Ex: digitization of civil status archives
>> Dematerialization of processes: Ex: digitization of invoices
>> Dematerialization of the relationship with the user: Ex: online income declaration

Dominated for a long time by infrastructures and networks issues, the digital development of the territory now takes into account the evolution of practices, uses and services, through ICT and the emergence of "intelligent territories". This transformation reflects the new political, social and cultural issues:

>> Stakes of the "web 2.0" (Internet of social networks)
- Connectivity of territories (optical fiber, 3G / 4G ...)
- Development of dematerialized and culturally adapted public services

>> Stakes of the "web 3.0" (Internet of Things)
- Protection of collective and individual data
- Provision of new information structure (clouds, Open Data ...)

The French State encourages Collectivities and Mixed Trade Unions to create "use and digital services" components in addition to their infrastructure schemes, in order to:

>> Balance the offer of digital services on the territory to prevent the formation of new digital fractures (used born of very high speed, uses resulting from the Internet of Things ...)
>> Set up shared local resources (anticipate the generalization of Big Data)

Mastering these challenges, we offer a specialized and multidisciplinary know-how, proven for more than 15 years in the digital development of territories.

What contributions for the territory?

>> Public actors: economic and demographic attractiveness, efficiency of services management, digital security, information feedback...
>> Community: project dynamics, digital security, acceleration of exchanges, resilience, agility and adaptability, collective intelligence...
>> Individuals and businesses: connectivity, digital security, accessibility of services, better access to information...

Some examples of communities’ accompaniment

"Uses and services" component of the SDTAN of the Départemental Council of Oise (2016): 

>> Status of local digital projects
>> Interview with the main departmental actors
>> Qualitative survey of users
>> Design and drafting of the «uses and services» component
>> Operational deepening in the field of rurality


"Uses and services" component of the SDTAN of the Departmental Council of Aisne (2015-2016) 

>> Assessment of existing innovative approaches
>> Interview with the main departmental actors
>> Definition of communication and piloting tools
>> Qualification and project monitoring method
>> Operational deepening of e-health


Prefiguration of the "uses and services" component of the SDTAN of the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Council (2015)

>> Summary of uses and services
>> Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the department
>> Study of the development and use, by the inhabitants and the companies, of the digital uses
>> Establishment of the strategic framework to guide the future actions of the Departmental Council and its partners in the field of digital uses